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About Wind-lock

Diverse. Trusted. Proven.

The brainchild of our Founder, Richard M. "Dick" Seibert, and born of necessity in the mid-1980's, Wind-lock® was created in the early years of the burgeoning EIFS industry. Although there was certainly no shortage of smart, innovative and entrepreneurial minds successfully pioneering this fantastic "new" exterior wall system, there was a void for professional-grade, specialty tools and accessories to enable contractors and builders to properly and efficiently apply these systems.

From "Your Hardware Store for EIFS" in the early 1990's, "What You Need. When You Need it" in the early 2000’s, to our current tagline “Diverse. Trusted. Proven.”, Wind-lock has always focused on product selection, a fun, enthusiastic, professional culture, and a true company-wide passion for thrilled customers. In fact, these qualities have been the cornerstone for our ability and willingness to successfully adapt and evolve over the years. We have diversified our offerings to include ICF and SIP tools/accessories in the mid-1990’s, spray foam and weatherization in the late 1990’s, Stealth GFRG ceiling access panels in 2001 and Drywall tools/accessories in 2010.

In addition to our website that is open for business 24-7, we offer extended, live customer support hours from 8am to 7pm EST, Monday-Friday.  We also have dedicated Sales Reps working from various locations throughout the continental US to ensure our customers receive the service and assistance they deserve.

For more than 30 years, it has been our sincere pleasure to serve ALL of our customers with respect, enthusiasm, empathy and professionalism. From our humble and limited start, to our ever-growing array of offerings and technologies, we continue to strive to improve and stay ahead of market demands. We are humbled by the loyal following we have developed throughout the years and pledge to continue to work, each and every day, to earn your future trust!

- Ron Chelli
President, Wind-lock

New Physical Address: 2692 Leiscz's Bridge Rd. Leesport, PA  19533