About Us

Diverse. Trusted. Proven.

The early 1980s witnessed the EIFS industry gaining considerable traction throughout North America, realizing a significant gain in market share as well as an abundance of architectural design awards. A sluggish plastering trade was suddenly reborn and the construction industry became enamored with this extremely lightweight, yet durable cladding, which allowed for design freedoms and flexibility never before realized.

EIFS was suddenly ubiquitous and was used on strip centers, schools, homes, office buildings, and skyscrapers. New construction. Retrofit. Large. Small. Fascias. Soffits. The system provided stunning aesthetics and was incredibly energy efficient too. Its growth was unprecedented. And with this enormous popularity came both need and opportunity. There quite literally was a huge void in the availability of professional tools and accessories to support and enhance a labor force that was called upon to install many millions of square feet per year.

In fact, at the time, there were essentially only (7) tools available to the EIFS installer:
- Hawks
- Trowels
- Margin Trowels
- Jiffler Mixing Paddles
- 1/2” Drills
- Wood Blocks with Wire Lath Affixed to them (Rasps)
- Clorox® Bottles with the Caps On and the Bottoms Cut Off (Bucket Scoops)
There were no G2 Hot Knives or T-PFTAN floats. Wind-Devils, ULP’s, and Lath-locks were a few years away. As were Foam2Foam, groove tool sleds, sanding rasps, Bucket Dredgers, and NELA® trowels. Hence, the creation of Wind-lock™. We have come a long way since 1985 and our Diverse product mix demonstrates our willingness to grow and evolve with the industries we continue to serve.

We now supply a complete line of Drywall Tools & Accessories to thousands of Drywall yards across North America that rely on us to be their Trusted resource for materials and supplies. Additionally, we feature Stealth® (GFRG) Access Panels, forging a tremendous strategic alliance with the world’s preeminent GFRG manufacturer, Formglas. We are also proud to carry a litany of specialty products servicing both the ICF and SIP industries. And finally, a full line of DuPont® Great Stuff™ & Froth-Pak™ spray foam adhesives and sealants as well as many from Touch n’ Seal® (DAP®).

In fact, our product line, spanning multiple construction markets and industries, includes nearly 6,000 SKU’s, which we strive to ship “same day,” as it is our goal to be as user-friendly as possible. It has certainly been quite a ride from those days of (7) products, serving only (1) industry.  We are proud of what we have accomplished, and while we strive to be better on a daily basis, we truly believe our Proven track record as a dependable and ethical partner in the Building Material & Tools industry speaks for itself.  

It is certainly our sincere pleasure to continue to serve your everyday needs and we thank you for your loyal support and consistent feedback. We have certainly come a long way from those early years and could only have done so because of you! On behalf of our entire team, Thank you!

Ron Chelli - President
Wind-lock Corp.