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Assembled ULP-302 Fasteners w/ Steel Series Screws

Product #:  ULP-3S1

ULP-302 Fasteners are engineered to attached PermaLath 17 and 20 gauge stucco netting, as well as 2.5 and 3.4 metal lath.

Engineered Features:
  • Made with high-grade polypropylene plastic
  • Unique design allows plate to flatten out in application
  • Large ribs stiffen plate, limit deflection
  • 16 keyholes allow for mechanical locking of base coat
  • Can be screw-fastened, nailed, or shot
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Part CodePer BoxInsulation ThicknessMax Attach w/ PlateScrew Size
ULP-3S110003/4in.875in#6 x 1-5/8in
ULP-3S210001in1.312in#6 x 2in
ULP-3S310001-1/2in1.875in#8 x 2-5/8in
ULP-3S410002in2.312in#8 x 3in
ULP-3S510003in3.312in#10 x 4in
ULP-3S75003-1/2in – 4-1/2in4.312in#10 x 5in
ULP-3S85005in – 5-1/2incall for details#10 x 6in