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Assembled Wind-Devil 2, Expandable Masonry Screws

Product #:  MET-1

Assembled Wind-Devil 2 Fasteners with Expandable Screws are perfect for securing EPS Foam Insulation to Masonry or Concrete. Easy to install. Drill a pilot hole in the masonry, tap fastener into place and tighten screw to lock. Available in a variety of sizes. Solid in box of 500 or 1,000 depending on the size screw needed for the job. Drill bit not included.

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Part CodePer BoxInsulation ThicknessScrew Size
MET-11,0001in3/16in x 2-1/4in
MET-21,0001-1/2in3/16in x 2-3/4in
MET-31,0002in3/16in x 3-1/4in
MET-45003in3/16in x 4in
MET-55003-1/2in3/16in x 4-1/2in
MET-65004in#10 x 5in
MET-75005in#10 x 6in
MET-85006in#10 x 7in
MET-95007in#10 x 8in

Image title
MET Series Masonry Expandable Pullouts
Concrete Pullout Strength
Hollow Block Pullout Strength380