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Assembled Wind-Devil 2 Fasteners, Steel Screws

Product #:  ST-1

Assembled Wind-Devil® 2 Fasteners with Steel Screws are design to attach EPS Insulation to steel studs, 12 to 20 gauge. The Wind-Devil 2 fastening system is engineered to be applied in any weather condition. Available in a variety of sizes. Sold in box of 500 or 1000 depending on the size screws needed for the job.

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Part CodePer BoxInsulation ThicknessMax Attach w/ PlateScrew Size
ST-11,0001in.875in#6 x 1-5/8in
ST-21,0001-1/2in1.312in#6 x 2in
ST-31,0002in1.875in#8 x 2-5/8in
ST-41,0002-1/2in2.312in#8 x 3in
ST-51,0003in3.312in#10 x 4in
ST-61,0003-1/2in – 4incall#10 x 4-3/8in
ST-75004in – 4-1/2in4.312in#10 x 5in
ST-85005in – 5-1/2incall#10 x 6in
ST-95006in – 6-1/2incall#10 x 7in
ST-105007in – 7-1/2incall#10 x 8in

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ST Series Steel/Steel Studs Pullouts

Penetration Dimensional Lumber24222018161412
Pullout Strength*2112964716798471225
*Consult Wind-lock for pullout (through penetration 1/4in min.)