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Blue Builder Turbo Rasp

Product #:  W-TURB1
The BRAND-NEW Turbo Rasp™ from Blue Builder™ is a contractor’s dream tool for rasping EIFS Foam.  Available in 3 different lengths to fit any size project, the ¼” teeth won’t clog and quickly glide across the surface of the foam wall, significantly reducing rasping time (up to 3x faster) vs. competing rasps.  The best part is, this rasp is light, durable and dramatically cuts down on labor costs. 
  • Attain Truer Walls with Longer Rasps 
  • No Need for Chalkline Corners on Walls
  • Significantly Reduces Rasping Time (Up to 3x Faster)
  • 1ft, 2ft & 4ft Models Available (5” Blade Width for All Sizes)
  • Lightweight and Durable Design (1lb, 1.8lbs., 3.25lbs. Respectively)
  • Great for Use When “Heavier” Rasping is Required Due to Foam Joints Not Lining Up Well 
Blue Builder Turbo Rasp Flyer

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Blue Builder Turbo Rasp - 1ft x 5in