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SiLLDry® Sill Pan for 2"x6" Framing

- Raised Back Dam
- Smart Accordion Technology
- Made in the USA

SiLLDry® Sill Pan for 2"x4" Framing

- Integrated Shims
- 4" Side Flange
- Built-in Slope

SiLLDry® Sill Pan Benefits

- 15yr MFG Warranty
- Compatible Industry Wide
- Reduces Labor Cost

SiLLDry® Sill Pan Installation

- Fits 18in to 21ft Openings
- Seconds to Install
- Install in Any Weather

SiLLDRY® Sill Pan 

The SiLLDRY® Sill Pan is one of the most innovative weather proofing products to hit the Residential, Commercial and Multi-Family Construction markets in decades. Along with many unique features and benefits, the patented drainage technology prevents water intrusion, is compatible with virtually all manufacturers’ products and very well could become the industry standard for membrane drainage systems.