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Ceiling/Drop-in Access Panels

- Blends w/ Surrounding Drywall
- Texture or Paint to Match Wall Finish
- Won't Rust or Shrink

Hinged Access Panels (Key-Latch)

- Ceiling or Wall Applications
- Secure Locking Mechanism
- Safety Cable to Support Open Door

Residential Access Panels

- High-end Aesthetic Design
- Gasket to Reduce Air/Mositure Flow 
- Use in New or Retrofit Applications

Plastic Access Panels (Non-Stealth)

- Impact Resistant Styrene Plastic
- Hingned Design
- Cost-effective Alt. to Metal Doors

Stealth Access Panels by Wind-lock

Stealth Access Panels from Wind-lock® are the leading Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) ceiling and wall panels specified for Residential and Commercial applications where discreet, concealed access is desired.

We offer a full range of standard access opening sizes as well as custom sizes. If you need a custom panel, please give us a call at 1-800-872-5625 and speak with one of our Wind-lock® Customer Sales Support Reps. If you would like more details regarding Stealth, our Stealth Information Guide provides abbreviated Product Submittals, printer friendly Order Forms and a basic Installation Guide.