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Wind-lock Contractor's Choice Value Foam2Foam Kit

Product #:  W-CCV11

A multipurpose, professional, low-expansion construction adhesive and gap and crack filler. Great for ICF, SIP, EIFS and stone veneer applications. One-component polyurethane foam. Cures by absorbing water vapor from the air.

Kit Includes: 11 cans of Foam2Foam, 1 can of Foam2Foam Cleaner, 1 W-EG13T Foam Gun, 1 pair protective rubber-coated gloves.

  • Used for filling, slivering, sealing and insulating joints and cracks
  • Accurately controlled application with Taper-Tipe Foam Gun
  • Cures using air moisture
  • Acoustical sealant
  • Drywall adhesive: reduces fasteners by 60%
  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
  • Temperature, water and chemical resistant
  • Compatible with EPS foam boards
  • Paintable and can be plastered over
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Industry EIFS-Stucco ICF-SIP