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BTE Tools Compound Tube Corner Finishing Handle

Product #:  W-BTECT24

BTE Tool’s Compound Tube Corner Finishing Handle makes applying compound/drywall mud a breeze thanks to its smooth syringe action. Simply insert the handle into the compound bucket, pull the plunger rod, and the tube fills with compound. Use with BTE Tools Direct Corner/Angle Finisher for smooth finished corners in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.


  • Lightweight aluminum tube and plunger rod
  • Self-lubricating plunger bushing for a smooth, long-lasting action
  • Long lasting billet PVC nose cone
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BTE Tools Compound Tube Corner Finishing Handle works with:

  • BTE Tools brand Mud Heads
  • Red Diamond Implements
  • All brands of direct flushers
  • All brands of corner bead heads
  • All brands of angle head/corner finishers
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