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To Our Valued Wind‐lock Community 


It’s been a few weeks since our last update and while we know there are a lot of things going on in our world, we felt it was an appropriate time to share a new mantra we’ve embraced at Team Wind-lock, #BounceBack

#BounceBack is not just a campaign, it’s not just a quippy slogan, it’s a mentality and an attitude. Our country has been through a lot so far this year, but the building and construction industry has continued to push forward and we know as businesses and projects re-open, you and your business will need to be prepared.

Over the next few weeks our Marketing and Sales teams will be introducing concepts, promos, etc. aimed at helping your business get re-established in the market. We realize day-to-day business will look a little different than before COVID-19 hit, but based on the initial market feedback we’ve received so far, this summer should bring a lot of backlogged business and projects your way.

From an operational standpoint, we’re continuing to add more employees back to the fold and our team members are eager to keep the ball rolling, as we have throughout the last 3+ months.

As our Home Page Banner says, “Team Wind-lock is lacing up our Hi Tops & thinking of creative ways to put a spring in your step as your business preps for a busy summer." 

The #BounceBack is coming and we’ve got your back!

On behalf of our entire Wind-lock Family,

Please be safe, healthy and diligent.


Steve Guthrie - Marketing & Communications Manager
Wind‐lock Corp.