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DuPont® Dow Enerfoam Professional Gun Foam Adhesive Sealant

Product #:  W-EF2524

Dow Enerfoam Professional Foam Sealant is a versatile foam adhesive designed for adhering insulated concrete forms (ICF), or architectural foam. The one-component, minimal expanding, polyurethane foam can also seal cracks and voids, and is even recognized as a fireblock that resists the free passage of flames to other areas. Enerfoam replaces up to 40 quart tubes of traditional caulk or adhesive, by forming an airtight, water resistant bond to most building materials including wood, masonry, foam board, and most plastics. Quick curing allows for trimming in less than one hour.

  • 24oz. Cans - Sold in Cases of 12

  • 32oz. Cans - Sold in Cases of 12

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