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USG Sheetrock Pro Magnesium Drywall Stilts

Product #:  W-US340925

USG Sheetrock Pro Drywall Stilts are lightweight, durable and extremely well balanced. These Magnesium stilts are 2/3 the weight of traditional aluminum stilts which increases mobility and thanks to the extra-wide rubber foot sole (1-piece) and wide foot plate, end-users will feel confident that they are safe as well.  For those that don’t require the extra-wide soles, each set comes with a classic set of soles that can be swapped out without a lot of hassle. 

A quick-release clamp and dual adjustable height bolts eliminate the need for extra tools when quickly and easily adjusting stilt heights to accommodate for variable jobsite requirements.  Available in two adjustable sizes (18”-30” & 24”-40”, make selection below) the USG Sheetrock Pro Drywall Stilts make walking feel a lot more natural than other competitive stilts and the Self-Locking Arch and Heel Foot Straps provide comfort and stability the second you strap them on your boots. 

  • Padded Wrap-Around Leg Straps for Extra Comfort

  • Adjustable Heel Bracket Fits Virtually Any Size Work Boot

  • Fully Adjustable 1-1/2” Secure Buckle & Strap

  • Available in Two Adjustable Sizes: 18”-30” & 24”-40”

  • 235lb. Max Load Capacity

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18"-30" Mag Stilts