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Ipex Single Gang Inexo ICF Electrical Box

Product #:  W-ICF1RL

Position electrical boxes anywhere in the ICF wall using the patented "teeth" design to bite into and firmly secure in place. The four teeth are easily pushed in and lock in place. Boxes positioned adjacent to a plastic tie can be secured using screws through the wide side-mount flanges—simply remove the teeth on the fastened flange side and engage the teeth opposite.

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  • An OUTSTANDING electrical component
    This type of electrical box is PERFECT for installation in an ICF building. This box installs in seconds without the need to anchor it to the concrete or to the plastic studs in the ICF, which means it can be installed anywhere and in any orientation. The teeth push fairly easily into the foam and make the box virtually immovable, once they have been seated properly. The box doesn't move when I install romex into it nor when I strip the outer NM jacket off the romex, which happened a lot when I used standard electrical boxes, anchored to the concrete. I save approximately 75% of the labor that I used when I installed standard plastic boxes and anchored them to the concrete with TapCon screws. This box and its multi gang counter parts are worth every penny and make it where I can be competitive in the world of residential ICF, electrical installations.