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Jost (Joest) 9in Sanding Discs, Yellow

Product #:  W-JO9100
The Jost (Joest) Superpad is a specially designed drywall sanding disc for use with the Porter Cable 7800 Drywall Sander, perfect for dust free drywall sanding. Available in 100, 120 150 180 and 220 grit. Features:
  • Perforation - through the perforations in a congestion-free-flow - not just at the edges of the sander, but over the entire surface.
  • Fiber Backing - the non-woven backing draws dust through the portholes evenly. Even distribution of sanded drywall material means no sand scratches!
  • Aluminum Oxide Grit - Traditional drywall sandpaper uses sharp edged silicon carbide abrasive that starts out cutting hard, but doesn't wear evenly. Aluminum Oxide grit that is rounded and wears uniformly. 
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