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Wind-Devil2 w/ Masonry Fastener - 3/16in x 2-1/4in Screw Size, 1000/bx

Product #:  MT-2
WindDevil Masonry 3/16X2 .25in
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Assembled Wind-Devil 2 Fasteners with (3/16in x 2-1/4in) Self-Tapping Masonry Screws are ideal for securing EPS Foam Insulation, 1-1/2in thick, to Masonry or Concrete. Easy to install. Use a hammer drill with a 5/32 bit to drill a clean pilot hole into the base material. Clear the hold of any excess debris, insert the screw and tighten. To prevent stripping of the base material be sure to tighten the screw slowly and avoid over torque. Available in a variety of sizes. Solid in box 1,000. 5 bits include per 1,000 fasteners.
Industry EIFS-Stucco ICF-SIP