The Finest German Engineered Finishing Tools & Accessories

NELA® Black Edition

  • Sleek, Newly Designed Trowels
  • Gold Plated Stainless-Steel Plate
  • Dynamic New Spatulas
  • Quality Anti-shock Levels

NELA® Premium & Flex

  • Superior Quality Trowels
  • BiKoGRIP® Cork Handles
  • Multiple Flexibility Styles
  • Unrivaled Engineering

NELA® Misc. Products

  • Hawks
  • Putty Knives
  • Floats
  • Replacement Handles

NELA® Black Edition Levels

  • Anti-shock End Caps
  • Dual View Vertical Vials
  • Ergonomic Non-slip Handles
  • Available in 48” & 71” Versions



The connection between a craftsman & their tool is almost as important as the quality of the tool itself. With that in mind, NELA® takes that statement literally & to heart with the development of the BiKoGRIP® Cork handle & the Premium Wood handle.  With a focus on comfort, stability & ergonomics, NELA’s® Cork & Wood handles are unmistakable & the best in the industry.
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NELA® Tools & Accessories

NELA® is committed to using only premium materials to produce the highest quality finishing trowels, spatulas and putty knives available to contractors who work with plaster and drywall. NELA® products are available with the unique BiKoGRIP® cork handle as well as a durable wood handle. 

Wind-lock is the master distributor of NELA® products in the US including Premium Chrome Stainless Steel, NeLaFLEX II, PlasticFLEX, Pipe Trowels, NELA® Spatulas & Putty Knives and the NEW NELA® Black Edition Trowels and Spatulas.