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No-Coat Flexible Corner, Drywall Corner Bead

Product #:  W-ULT325

No-Coat Flexible Corner from Wind-lock® is a no-coat drywall tape that features a built-in hinge that fits any inside or outside corner angle while creating crisp, straight lines. Flexible Corners are ideal for long columns and soffits, off-angle applications, and both short and long runs.

Flexible Drywall Corner Bead utilizes Slam Technology to become a permanent, impact-resistant part of the structure. No-Coats’s Structural Laminate (SLAM) Corner System combines 3 key components that deliver superior strength and durability.

  • Tapered High-Strength Copolymer Core that withstands impacts, resists rust, and requires less mud

  • Joint no-coat drywall tape that permanently bonds corner to drywall with all-purpose mud

  • Formulated Surface Paper eliminates cracks, chips and peels while easily accepting any finish.

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