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Plastic Access Panels

Product #:  TR-PD46

Plastic Access Panels are a cost-effective alternative to metal and GFRG access panels. Made with impact resistant styrene plastic with UV stabilizers, these access doors will not fade, yellow, or corrode. Panels come with textured exposed surface which will accept paint finishes, or can be left as is.

For quick and easy installs, apply caulking adhesive to the back of the frame and press into place

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Part CodeAccess OpeningRough Opening*Approx Weight
TR-PD464in x 6in4-3/8in x 6-3/8in1/2lbs.
TR-PD696in x 9in6-3/8in x 9-3/8in1/2lbs
TR-PD888in x 8in8-3/8in x 8-3/8in1/2lbs
TR-PD121212in x 12in12-3/8in x 12-3/8in1/2lbs
TR-PD141414in x 14in14-3/8in x 14-3/8in1-1/2lbs
TR-PD181818in x 18in18-3/8in x 18-3/8in2-1/4lbs
TR-PD222222in x 22in22-3/8in x 22-3/8in4lbs
TR-PD142914in x 29in14-3/8in x 29-3/8in4lbs
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