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Premium Masonry Screws

Product #:  UM-1
Masonry Screw Fasteners for concrete, brick or block. Our premium Masonry Screws are coated with Climacoat®, offering superior protection against corrosion. Sold in box of 1,000 (500 for UM-7/UM-8).  Drill bits no longer available from Wind-lock.
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Part CodePer BoxScrew Size
UM-11,0003/16in x 1-3/4in
UM-21,0003/16in x 2-1/4in
UM-31,0003/16in x 2-3/4in
UM-41,0003/16in x 3-1/4in
UM-51,0003/16in x 4in
UM-7500#14 x 5in (use with Long Lock Plate only)
UM-8500#10 x 6in (use with Long Lock Plate only)

Longer sizes available, call for details.