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Rex Wrap Fortis Housewrap, 5' x 200' Rolls

Product #:  W-REXWPHP
REX WRAP FORTIS prevents the infiltration of air and water while allowing for the escape of water vapor. Rex Wrap Fortis features the unique ALTA 360 Drainage Technology that can drain in EVERY direction and works with wood, vinyl, metal, brick, stone, cement sidings, stucco or EIFS. Rex Wrap Fortis offers a one-of-a-kind weather protection layer for any type of construction. 
Pair exclusively with Rex Premium Seaming Tape! 

  • Available in High-P and Low-P for Different Climates (see specifacations below for details)
  • 360 Degree Drainage Technology
  • Reduce Waste
  • Simplified Installation
  • 5ft x 200ft Roll
High-P Product Sheet
Low-P Product Sheet
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Product Specifications

Low-PHigh-PTest Method
Air Penetration Resistance0.00130.00082ASTM E2178 (cfm/ft2@1.57 psf)
>2000>2500Gurley Hill (TAPP-T460 (sec/100cm)
Water Vapor Transmission105385ASTM E96 Method A (g/m2/24 hrs)
72465ASTM E96 Method B (g/m2/24 hrs)
Water Penetration Resistance>300>300AATCC 127 (cm)
Basis Weight2.22.2TAPPI T-410 (oz/sq yd)
Thickness88ASTM D3776 (mils)
Breaking Strength3030ASTM D5034 (lb/in) MD
Dry Tensile4545ASTM D5034 (lb/in)MD
Tear Resistance (Trapezoid)13.513.5ASTM D1117 (lbs)MD
12.512.5ASTM D1117 (lbs)CD
Drainage Efficiency>95%>95%ASTM E2273
>95>95%ICC-ES AC 235 Section 4.5
Surface Burning Characteristics5 Class A5 Class AASTM E85 Flame Spread Index
45 Class A45 Class ASmoke Develop Index
Ultra Violet Light Exposure180 Days180 Days
Industry Weatherization