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Wind-lock Safety Bucket

Product #:  W-SPBCKTM

The Safety Bucket includes just a sampling of some of the safety products Wind-lock offers. Each bucket comes stuffed with:

  • 1 North Peak White Hard Hat
  • 1 Titan Full-Body Harness
  • 1 Sperian A800 Clear Protective Safety Glasses
  • 1 StretchStop 4ft Lanyard w/ SoftStop Shock-Absorber
  • 1 Miller 9ft Cross Arm Strap w-Two D-Rings
  • 1 Class 2 Safety Green Mesh Vest
  • 1 Scorpion 9ft Personal Fall Limiter

The Safety Bucket comes in three seperate sizes based on the users clothing size:

  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
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