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TapeTech Maxxbox

Product #:  W-TAEHC07
The TapeTech Maxboxx is a high capacity finishing box designed to hold and deliver the right amount of drywall mud every time.  Maxxbox delivers 94% more usable joint compound than the standard Easyclean Finishing Box and 68% more usable capacity than the competition. The adjustable crown control and pivoting axle enhance dispensing control. TapeTech's Easyroll Wheel system finishes outside corner bead in half the time of hand finishing and works with all types of outside corner bead including metal, paper-faced, vinyl, and bullnose. Easyroll wheels have a shoulder that guides the box, eliminating the need for extra attachments. This shoulder is three times wider than the add-ons, increasing ease in placing and keeping the finishing box on the corner bead.Easyroll wheels align perfectly with the finishing blade - no need to tilt the finishing box.
  • Applies the first coat of joint compound to embed tape at butt joints and flat joints on walls and ceilings
  • Finishes butt joints and flat joints on walls and ceilings
  • Feathers edges of butt joints and flat joints  
TapeTech Maxxbox comes in theses sizes:
  • TapeTech Maxxbox 7in
  • TapeTech 10in Maxxbox Finishing Box 
  • TapeTech 12in Maxxbox Finishing Box 

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