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ULP-302 w/ Wood/Lite Metal Fastener - #8 x 3in Screw, 1000/bx

Product #:  ULP-3WLM4
Ulp 302 Wood/Lite Metal #8X3in
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ULP-302 high-grade polypropylene plastic fasteners are 1-3/4” diameter and are engineered for both EIFS / CI / Stucco and ICF / SIP applications. The unique plastic fastener design allows plate to flatten out once attached, with large ribs to stiffen plate, limiting deflection. Can be screwed-fastened, nailed or shot, and has 16 keyholes for mechanical locking of base coat.

For EIFS / CI / Stucco:

Attach PermaLath® 17 and 20 gauge stucco netting, as well as 2.5 and 3.4 metal lath in hard coat stucco systems. Engineered “flash” allows for pre-assembly of screw fasteners. Not for use within standard PB EIFS. For standard PB applications with the thermal recessed chamber, refer to Wind-Devil® 2 and Long-lock fasteners.

For ICF / SIP:

Use in conjunction with Foam2Foam® spray adhesive to secure traditional wood bucks to ICF form openings. Available non-assembled or pre-assembled with wood/lite metal UWLM series screws to save field application time.

Industry EIFS-Stucco ICF-SIP