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Wind-lock Roofgrip Masonry Screw, #14 x 16in

Product #:  UM-18
The OMG Heavy Duty Roofing Fastener (#14 x 16in) is designed to secure insulation and single-ply to heavy steel, wood, and structural concrete decks; does NOT come with drill bit.
  • Heavier shank & thread diameters than most “heavy duty” roofing fasteners
  • Deep thread for high pullout resistance
  • Extra sharp spade point for quick installation in new or reroof applications
  • In concrete applications, fastener may be reversed out of predrilled hole without damaging the deck
  • Can be used with Accutrac System for improved rooftop productivity
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#14x16in Roofgrip Screw
Industry EIFS-Stucco ICF-SIP